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We review ‘The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philppa Gregory and ‘The Endless Knight’ by Kresely Cole!

Sh*t Happens - 8 Great Ways to Pick It Up


Don’t ask me why, but when I pick up my dog’s poop, I like to do it with style. I tend to go for cute and colorful bags, decorated with hearts, and stars and cute little faces. Not that it suddenly turns the stuff into gold nuggets or anything, but it does make me feel as whimsical as something like that can. Kind of like a poop—scoopin’ Mary Poppins. There are poop bags out there for all kinds of people, and what better gift to give the people you love than a clean and stylish hand.

 1.For the Waggish

These designers from the Netherlands have designed doggy bags that not only feature jocular phrases such as “Shit Happens”, “Doggy Style”, and “Scratch and Sniff”, but the bag design itself is a triumph of practicality. The foldable handles first function to help you scoop, then fold up and close to create a secure handle to allow you to transport the poop to the nearest receptacle. Kind of like a Happy Meal.

  2. For the Hipster

Along with glasses, beards and irony (and tattoos, and Doc Martens, and ….), hipsters have also appropriated argyle, much to the disgust of golfers and the Scottish. Available in a range colors, these bags will force hipsters to blatantly display their bag full of crap. Now THAT’s ironic.

 3. For the Just-Dumped-and-Still-Bitter Friend

These customizable baggies are intended to display your company logo, which, unless you are being really honest about your product does not strike me as the best marketing idea. Instead, customize them with a photo of your friends ex, or your ex, or anybody else you are disgruntled with and get your own smear campaign going.

 4. For the Geek

Okay, so these aren’t technically bags BUT, these awesome Star Trek Original Series Communicator doggie doo bag dispensers are … well, they’re awesome. In fact, if you don’t know what you’re going to get me for Christmas yet, one of these babies would do nicely. Thank you, Entertainment Earth.

10 Awesome Christmas Cocktail Ideas

I love Christmas. I love cocktails. So it stands to reason that I especially love Christmas cocktails. If you also love Christmas cocktails but you’re bored with the usual eggnog, buttered rum and mulled wine, here are some great Christmas cocktail ideas. Just click on the title to follow the link!

1. Mince Port Cocktail

Love mince pies? Ever thought about putting mincemeat in a cocktail? Well, as it turns out, you can. This brilliant port and rum creation is even garnished with clementine slices, so it’s good for you (probably).

2. Gingerbread Cocktail

Gingerbread cookies are one of my favorite things about Christmas. This adult take on the gingerbread man combines a spiced simple syrup with coffee and Kahlua. And there’s no face to make you feel guilty!

3. Chestnut Toddy

Don’t have an open fire? Don’t worry, because this whiskey and roasted chestnut recipe can be made in the oven. This recipe makes a great manly cocktail that is creamy but not too sweet.

Serial Monogamist Gamer Finds True Love?


I think I have finally met the game that I am going to play forever. I have waited for this day for a long time. This will be baffling to many of you. After all, buying a game is the easiest thing in the world. You choose, you pay, you play. People do it all the time.

The problem for me is that buying a new game is like buying a car, getting married or signing a mortgage. I intend to play that game, and only that game, for a long time. I am a monogamous gamer and this dedication has severely impacted both my gaming abilities and experience. Consider my history.

I met my first real game through our Tandy 1000; B.C.’s Quest for Tires. His name was Thor, and he rode a stone unicycle. He was a little uncultured but, boy, was he a mover. Focused and driven, constantly speeding forward to achieve his goals.

After that relationship had run its course, I flirted briefly with text-based RPG. But because I am shallow and looks are important to me, I soon moved on. I dropped out of the scene for a while, with the exception of a short-lived experimentation with Jane of the Jungle. She was lovely, but deep down I knew I was not really a platform gamer.

All tucked in for the winter!

My backyard …. kinda takes the novelty out of Skyrim ….

My backyard …. kinda takes the novelty out of Skyrim ….